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The Chicago hip-hop scene, as its grown over the last five years or so, has benefitted greatly from the passing of information and the succession of waves that have kept the city’s artistry at the forefront of the country at-large. As much fun as watching the Chances and Vic’s of the world ascend, its become just as interesting to see who will come up next. One part of that next wave that should be a regular in your playlists from here on out is the duo of Trell and Delron that comes together as the group TrellRon, who released their debut, self-titled project just before the weekend.

To be sure, the project hit the world on April 6, 4/06 to be exact. While perhaps just another date for many, it represents the site where their music came about and one of the catalysts for the current crop of up and comers. 406 represents the room on the city’s West Loop that served as home base for years. It’s where Mick Jenkins found his voice for The Water(s) and sees the likes of Qari, Kahrion and many others ply their trade with the various producers. What’s emerged in the space is a sort of collective family that is evident throughout TrellRon’s album. To hear the two of them describe the experience of creating in the buzzing space while on my radio show last week, there is a sense of immediate editing, feedback and interaction that acts as a welcome sounding board before any music escapes the room. What TrellRon does well throughout here is offer up tracks filled with recognizable rhyme schemes and vibes that gel with what’s happening with the tattooed boys from the coasts, but accomplish it with talent rather that thinly-veiled PR stunt or ironic body ink. I’d put some money on these two finding their way pretty quickly. Don’t tweak, listen in above and, of course on Mild Sauce Radio and check out our interview below if you haven’t had a chance yet.



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