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Over the last year, Chicago native Kiara Lanier has taken a deep dive into her own artistry. Having moved out west to Los Angeles for a change of pace on the heels of her last album, Tongues & Teaspoons, the 27-year-old singer/songwriter returned this week with a new visual for one of her standout singles from that project, “Friend Zone”.

Illustrating a story we’ve all been a part of at one point or another, Lanier takes part in a sweat-drenched affair across a pool and what appears to be a campus or collegiate gym mid-workout. Harnessing the flirtive glances and emotive confidence lurking just below the surface, the video itself does much to underline the general sentiment: make a move or stay where you are. Per usual, Lanier is a natural performer in her element, moving along with her dancers poolside and bringing one of our favorite songs from the album to life. To be sure, she’s very busy bouncing back and forth between her hometown and should have something new for us soon. Until then, check out the video above, and the song streaming regularly on Mild Sauce Radio.

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