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The day is fast coming for a new collection of Femdot’s music, but the newly-minted Closed Sessions’ signee teased his upcoming project, Delacreme 2, with a video for the lead single, “Alright” that dropped earlier this week.

While we’re admittedly a little behind getting this one out, it really doesn’t matter much with Femi creating such easily timeless releases. Here, we get a peek at his upcoming Delacreme 2 due out as his proper introduction with Closed Sessions behind him. It’s a lighthearted affair once again putting Fem’s innate rapping ability front and center. At a time when self-manufactured bars are few and far between Femdot is an endless barrage of originality and well-heeled ability that is consistently concentrated into thoughtful, punchy tracks like the one above. Per usual? We got it streaming on the regular at Mild Sauce Radio, where you can also request it to be played.

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