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Ravyn Lenae is fast establishing herself as the next huge thing to come out of Chicago and turned up for real with her latest video for the standout single from her latest album, “4 Leaf Clover” featuring Steve Lacy. Andre Muir, who has been behind some of the more memorable music videos of the last five years or so around the way shows up for this one which takes on a sort of Grease vibe that is entrenched in aesthetics akin to a John Hughes movie. Crush has been in rotation since dropping right around Valentine’s Day and this video continues in a lineage of premium work from the young songstress who was recently named to Billboard’s Tomorrow’s R&B Stars. Ravyn is flying as high as ever, and currently on tour spreading that happiness to the masses. Get a taste in the video above, and as always catch all of her work streaming regularly on Mild Sauce Radio.

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