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Tobi Lou has been at the top of all my playlists at least since the top of 2017, and I couldn’t be more excited to keep featuring new tracks from dude. It seems as Spring creeps ever slower into our collective consciousness, his output goes up. Anyway, last week it was revealed that dude has parlayed one of our favorite videos of the year in “Troop” into a full-fledged project produced by none other than NO I.D. That in itself is impressive, and he’s backing it up with his craft, debuting the first single off the upcoming Tobi Lou & The Loop which is available for pre-order on iTunes. “Darlin” finds Tobi really hitting his stride and the renewed confidence he talked about in our sit down with him last month is apparent throughout. Tobi Lou season is on the way, but he’s only giving us Loop One for now. Get in tune above and below and as always, catch “Darlin” streaming on Mild Sauce Radio every night!

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