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Closed Session Adds Another One

Local independent hip-hop label Closed Sessions has been expanding recently and did so again this week by adding a new name to their lineup in producer Jack Larsen. The signing was announced on Monday by label co-founder Alex “RTC” Fruchter who penned a post on Facebook to let fans know of the addition, saying: “In the fall, I had the chance to meet Jack Larsen & was blown away by a project he was working on called Push-Ups. So excited to have him as part of the growing @closedsessions family. Can’t wait to share his music.”

A rather new name on the scene, Larsen is a local artist that from the looks and sounds of things has an attitude all his own. He announced his new label home to his followers on Twitter with an image bearing a simple message: “Jack Larsen is now signed to Closed Sessions”. There’s an air of mystery with this signing that wasn’t the case with recent additions such as Femdot, WebsterX and Ajani Jones who’s names had been buzzing for some time. We’ve got a track from dude below to check out, and will definitely be getting a further piece some time very soon.


Ric Wilson Announces New EP

It’s crazy that it had been a year since we’d last heard from Chicago’s soul-centered rapper Rick Wilson and he appropriately emerged from his time away with a new single, “Split”. The track, featuring Sen Morimoto, hit at the end of last week and marked a new step forward for an act that has been flirting with the next level for some time. Alongside the single was some advance copies of his upcoming EP, BANBA, which is due out on May 18 via Innovative Lesiure.

The collection will be the first from Wilson since his 2017 release, Negrow Disco and finds him taking steps to work with independent labels while navigating his journey to the top while circumventing the more traditional route. It’s a strategy that’s been tried, but Wilson has done a solid job of finding an independent home for this project that gels with the spirit of his music. Regarding the single that kicked off the move towards May 18, Wilson said in a press release, ““I wrote ‘Split’ in the middle of a relationship that was going south,” says Ric. “The song is about how sometimes the best decisions you’ll make in life are the ugliest and hardest, but the healthiest for you.” Catch the single here, and streaming every night at 8 PM CST as part of Mild Sauce Radio‘s ‘Best New Singles’ Playlist.

Acid Rap Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary

Man, the years are really rolling by. Today, April 30, 2018 marks five years since young Chance The Rapper packed out the sidewalks around Jugrnaut in the city’s south loop and just blocks from his alma mater to debut the mixtape that would vault him into the musical stratosphere. Yes, it’s been half a decade since Chance dropped his seminal album and three Grammys, multiple world tours and heaps of accolades later, that day still stands as an important one in the minds of everyone who was a part of it.

The lineage of the project is undeniable at this point. The featured artists such as NoName and Saba have become household names with national followings of their own, he and Vic Mensa performed “Cocoa Butter Kisses” at Lollapalooza and so much more. Here’s to another five years of magic from Chance and the gang!

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