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The best part of covering music on the regular is getting the chance to catch an artist’s wave at the right time and see it through to the breaking point. It’s with that in mind that we’ve been keeping an eye on Chicago native operating out of the left coast in Tobi Lou, who backed up a series of impressive single releases, videos, big news and much more over the last few months into his second project release of the year with his tobi lou and the loop that hit streaming sites Friday.

Here, listeners who have been paying attention will notice the distinct evolutionary flows that he continues to build on, while new listeners are likely to revel in the unfettered realness that pervades his every song. On tobi lou and the loop, we get a collection ready-made for the first warm days of spring and summer, similar to the end-of-winter feels on his Tobi Lou & The Moon release from March. The writing throughout is continuously clever and angular, often juxtaposing airy, upbeat production with juxtaposed realities from his home town or the understandings of life’s occasional disappointments. It’s all a part of the loop, and Tobi once again illustrates those thoughts, feelings and emotions wonderfully. This one is apparently the last project before we see musth-vaunted No I.D.-produced full-length which he revealed the name of in his opening track on this project, Cult Classic. Like I said, there’s a lot going on and Tobi is poised for a huge breakout year. Don’t tweak, get into it below and, as always, on Mild Sauce Radio.

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