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Alright, so before we get into this one, a story needs to be told. For any of you who live in this or another city, Uber Pools are probably a reality at least once in awhile. While everyone has their own operating procedure for when placed into a backseat with a total stranger, I try to keep an open mind if someone strikes up a conversation. It just so happens that about a month ago I happened to get into the same backseat as local singer/songwriter V.V. Lightbody. After chatting about mundanities for a few minutes, the connections of the smallest big city in the world quickly revealed themselves, and with her release of this super dope video for “Fig Leaves” I get to use that anecdote at long last.

To be sure, V.V. has a solid resume around the city and it’s what immediately established her during our conversation once the appropriate checks and balances had been checked off. Working with the Logan Square indie crew that revolves around the basement studio of the Cunningham’s, Liam and Sima, as well as the ever-expanding cast of talented artists, characters and the like. For her part, she’s established a sound all her own and a sort of off-kilter persona to boot that comes through on this multi-colored visual rendering that premiered yesterday on Gorilla Vs Bear. From what I hear, V.V.’s going to be playing all over the city this summer and has a full-length on the way, Bathing Peach which is due out June 15. For now, enjoy the video above and the single streaming every night at 8 PM on Mild Sauce Radio‘s ‘Best New Singles’ Playlist.


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