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The Catch Up is the spot to loop back on what’s dropped, take a look at the landscape and add some context to some of our favorite new songs from Chicago artists that you can find streaming all day everyday on Mild Sauce Radio. This time around, we look into some new singles from the likes of MFN Melo, VICTOR, Sage The 64th Wonder & More. Check those out below and keep an eye out on plenty more coming your way soon.

MFnMelo – Something2Hold (feat. Legit)
“Something2Hold” is the latest instalment of the MFnMondays series –an outlet that allows MFnMelo to experiment with new sounds and flows outside an actual project–featuring fellow Chicago emcee Legit. Produced by Joseph Chilliams, the smooth record oozes and swirls around sax and horns as the lyrics deal with the catharsis behind letting go of resentful feelings. Melo spits from a celebratory standpoint barring any smugness, understanding that personal growth takes time and actual work. “Everyone wants to make it to the top, don’t nobody want to mountain climb,” says Legit matter-of-factly on the second verse, reminding us to keep striving to better ourselves.


Most conversations nowadays can be handled over a couple of texts and, if we’re being honest, nobody really wants to talk over the phone anymore. One can only imagine then, how infatuated VICTOR! is with the person “U Got My” is dedicated to. A dreamy love ballad that highlights his falsetto in the hook, it is his best release to date. And although it seems the voice he yearns for won’t is hesitant to call him, or even pick up his calls, the Cicero native is making huge strides musically.

Säge, The 64th Wonder – A Better Tomorrow

After experimenting with a different persona (under the name Lunxch) and a slew of singles, A Better Tomorrow welcomes us back to Säge, The 64th Wonder’s world. GXDS HAND, Khalil Halim, Emperor Bohe & [ocean jams] deliver Säge with a dark sonic canvas to share his upbringing in the south suburbs, SlumpGang hijinks and animation references. At just 18 minutes, the project is easy to digest and a simple way to introduce yourself to a very intriguing talent.

Vic Mensa – Reverse (feat. G-Eazy)

Sporting a bald haircut and bulkier body frame, Vic Mensa recently resurfaced for a show at the House of VANS and to drop his newest single, “Reverse.” Mensa had kept relatively at bay from releasing new music in 2018, but what we did hear was promising. “Dim Sum,” a lowkey, Valee-assisted slapper with a spellbinding flute, and a couple of SAVEMONEY guest verses proved that Mensa was sharper than ever. Unfortunately, “Reverse” fails to live up to the standard those songs had issued. Featuring G-Eazy and producer Marshmello, “Reverse” is meant to be a fun record to listen and dance to, but it’s actually a rather tedious experience after a couple of listens. The monotonous piano-loop and fluff rhymes make-up a record that finds Mensa, a technically gifted emcee who can make songs like these in his sleep, lowering to Eazy’s skill level rather than raising the Bay Area native’s game. I’m guessing the three artists expect “Reverse” to become a staple at clubs –or frat houses for that matter–but I can’t help but to feel listening to it as a chore could easily get lost in the Migos’ Culture II tracklist. I hope we get that track with Chance and Valee soon.

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