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Regardless of what goofies like Tekashi have to say about those who make up the local artistry in Chicago, it is most definitely a community created and supported by the interpersonal relationships and genuine giving back. If those are the tenants to be a Chicago artist today, then Matt Muse checks all the boxes. The Young Chicago Authors alumni and teaching artist has been around the scene for years now, both working for himself and others and this past week announced the impending release of his next project, Nappy Talk due out July 13 which was lead off by the single, “Shea Butter Baby” featuring Shawnee Dez.

At 25, Muse is just beginning to fully come into his own after plying his trade amongst the bountiful voices and sounding board of creative minds that is YCA. The program, which has produced acts like Chance The Rapper, Jamila Woods, Saba, Mick Jenkins and many more only exists because of the artists that take time to give back, and Muse does exactly that, at once pulling from and feeding into the feedback loop that makes up the back bone of the Chicago scene. The latest project is a step forward from his 2017 release, The SikK Tape and the follow up was inspired by a decision to grow out his hair.  “‘Nappy Talk’ was inspired by my decision to grow my hair out three years ago. I always felt pressured by my peers, my church and folks at my college to be clean-cut in order to be viewed as smart or worthy. I no longer wanted to adhere to the idea that my hair had to be short to be respectable in the eyes of society. I love my natural hair, I love the way it grows; not cutting it correlates with my love for myself and belief in myself as I am.”

Nappy Talk is slated to have Femdot, Mother Nature and more as features. Make sure to check that out soon, the single streaming above and regularly on Mild Sauce Radio and get out to the Taste of Chicago to catch Matt the same day the album drops.

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