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It’s been a journey for Taylor Bennett over the last five years or so. Almost no story on the 22-year-old arrives without the low-hanging mention of his older brother, Chance. Since day one, Taylor has had to find creative ways to differentiate himself from a sibling he shares a sound and resemblance. Similarly, it’s hard enough for one family member to make it in the music industry, and Taylor had plenty of competition both at home and abroad. In the time since though, he’s persevered through cliche and issues associated with growth to emerge an artist all his own. On his latest project, Be Yourself, he boldly underlines that sentiment with a collection of songs that continue his journey towards a path not yet laid.

It’s been a little over a year and a half since Taylor made the announcement that he was bisexual. In 2018, it’s simply another part of his larger self, but it did seem as though letting the world know was a chance to get something off of his chest. Since then, he’s seemed more at home, more self-assured, more, well, himself. If the lessons of that time period and all that surrounded it allowed him to evolve, it appears he’s looking to pay it forward on the six-song EP. There’s also a veiled understanding of the world he exists in, and how it differentiates from other’s experiences. The lead single, “Minimum Wage” sees him reaching out to fans and listeners that have different realities, offering a sense of hope to the struggle of early hourly gigs. “Better Than You’ve Ever Been” featuring Young Thug underscores the young politician’s ability to garner favors and create lasting relationships behind the scenes and the title track featuring Bianca Shaw proves his business acumen, Shaw is signed to his imprint. All in all, while a short release, the project itself is a certain step forward for Taylor Bennett as he appears to settle ever more comfortably into himself. Check it out for yourself above and, of course, on Mild Sauce Radio.

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