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A few weeks ago we got a new piece from a voice that’s been operating in Chicago for sometime without a loudspeaker, and true to his word, Matt Muse delivered with the seven-song release, Nappy Talk that hit the internet last week.

As we’ve stated before, it’s become time for the new wave of artists from the city to come through and Muse is certainly one of those. Having existed in the city with several releases, Nappy Talk represents the young artist’s step forward. With a team in hand and a strategy revealing itself, the music is the consistent byproduct. It’s a Chicago project through and through that is unafraid to dip into new textures and aesthetics, and makes that statement immediately on the opening track, “Nappy Ni**a Winnin” which plays on distinct drill feels while taking the messaging in a unique direction. Likewise, it appropriately boasts features and whatnot from a cross-section of that scene bubbling alongside him with the likes of The Boy Illinois, Mother Nature, Femdot, Shawnee Dez and Timmy V among others making appearances. This one comes through smooth and shows a wide breadth of possibilities for Matt Muse moving forward. Make sure to check this one out above and catch it in regular rotation at 8 PM CST every night on Mild Sauce Radio’s ‘Best New Music’.

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