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These days in Chicago, the lanes feel pretty wide open. With a healthy class moving upwards with increased frequency, an eager wave of next-up artists has sought to continue the lineage established by the Renaissance. On his debut solo EP, Elevated, Elton Aura puts his name solidly in the middle of that conversation.

Playing off the calling-card musicality of this city, his descriptors fall somewhere between a smattering of the names that have made it an internationally-renowned sonic hotbed. Playing aspects of jazz, live instrumentality against forward thinking production and creative vocal approaches, Aura is able to achieve textures throughout that are endearing and keep the project moving ever forward throughout. “Hey You” is mired in frenetic smoothness, a soothing backing trading back and forth with coaxing vocals. In between though, experimentations take place in the backdrop, leaning on the voice’s baritone to allow for an exploration elsewhere. This can be found throughout, and underlines Elton’s abilities as both a vocalist and a producer, blending both simultaneously here. As far as debut EPs serving as an introduction to exactly how one wants to be interpreted, there’s no mistaking the lane that Elton Aura is carving with Elevated, this is one you’ll turn back a few times for different reasons.

On another note, make sure you also dive into his short release alongside The Burns Twins, which has been in regular rotation on our new singles over at Mild Sauce Radio.

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