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Ric Wilson has been busy all year, and hasn’t let up as summer comes to a close. Following the release of his critically-acclaimed BANBA album earlier this year, and on the heels of his debut performance on the coast for Rolling Loud in California, Ric returned last week with his video for “Sinner”. Directed by the vaunted production duo of Strip Mall, the piece is a typically cinematic affair that brings the one of the album’s standout singles to life.
For those of you who may be new to Wilson, his energy and creative output is undeniable. At a performance this past weekend as part of Goose Island’s 312 Block Party he impressed despite being on a side stage and by the end of his set had one of the biggest crowds of the weekend dancing along with him through his signature Soul Train Line. He’s quickly becoming the contemporary embodiment of James Brown and pairing that innate ability with fellow creatives able to bring a vision to life like the above only makes it all work better. Without further ado, get into the video above and as always make sure to tune into Mild Sauce Radio to catch “Sinner” and all of Rich’s music streaming 24/7.

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