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Relationships can be weird. So can cell phones. Invariably the two need one another in today’s world, perpetuating a whole new series of anxiety and headaches for what has traditionally been a worrisome practice for as long as humans have communicated. Sending that text? Waiting on that call back? Man, those minutes can feel like hours and Chicago’s own Must Reems dives into the void on his latest single which Mild Sauce is proud to premiere, “hml” off his upcoming Gamma Quietus due out next month.

Ruminating over the highly relatable is a calling card of sorts for Musa, who we last caught up with on Mild Sauce Live as the summer set in. As it disappears once again, he’s gearing up for a full-length and here we get a sampling of the tightly-wound bars that he’s spread around the city and beyond since emerging from the Young Chicago Authors camp. Producer ifJams flips a nice Beyonce into an appropriately kicked back vibe throughout. Check out the track in full, streaming to the world for the first time here and make sure to tune into Mild Sauce Radio tonight at 6 PM CST to catch our sit down with Musa Reems live.

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