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There’s a chance you may not know Peter CottonTale. And that’s ok. The producer behind work on Chance The Rapper’s Acid Rap,Coloring Book, & SURF, as well as Vic Mensa, NoName, Eryn Allen Kane, Joey Purp and many, many more; he’s largely been happy existing in the background. That role has been evolving over the course of just under the last year since he released his debut solo single, “Forever Always” featuring Rex Orange County, Daniel Caesar, Chance The Rapper and YEBBA.

In many ways, Peter has been the soul behind much of the music that has emerged from the Chicago Renaissance and the years following. Endearing to a fault with a mind that can think both in line with a theme and see the myriad directions it could go, he’s built a sort of cult following of audiophiles caring enough to dig through credits over the years, continually finding his name. I personally couldn’t say enough about the guy’s musical prowess, honestly just hit play above and you’ll understand why. It’s been exciting to be able to watch Pete the last six years or so develop into the person and artist he is today, but for anyone who’s been watching for an extended period, his time in the limelight has been due, well, forever always. Dive in above and catch the single streaming regularly on Mild Sauce Radio.

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