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The world is a fluid place, and hip-hop is finally catching up. If everyone exists on a spectrum, Psalm One invites you to explore the full range of identity on the single “Non-Binary” alongside close friends Angel Davanport, ShowYouSuck and Sophia Eris.

Psalm, Angel and the gang have long been vocal about their participation and support of the LGBT community and here the message is loud and clear. For their part, the single hits, and serves as one of the rare solo-push releases from Psalm, who has been working in new spaces and music the last year or so while on a back and forth through the city. She’s also worn her sexuality more on her sleeve, with recent releases like 2016’s Polyas examples.

Angel has been finding a really nice wave in the wake of her recent project, Sore But Grateful that saw her crisscross the country on tour. Biding their time up north in Minnesota for the last couple of years, they seem to have gotten really into a groove. The music lately is connecting even moreso than before, and participating in a larger conversation that is as beautiful as the sentiment throughout. Don’t tweak on the Rapper Chicks, Angel and Psalm have much more coming.

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