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It appears as though the end is near for one of the city’s most talked-about groups as Hurt Everybody took to Twitter and Instagram Monday night to announce that they would no longer work together as a band after the release of Potion[s], their collaborative project with Mick Jenkins which is due out soon. 

As of now we don’t currently have many more details regarding a reason for the split, but are definitely disappointed as the group of Supa BWE, Carl and Mulatto Beats came together to form one of the most exciting young groups the city has seen as of late. Individually, they are also strong though. Supa BWE has a dedicated following that is sure to stick around for whatever he has next on his plate of releases while Carl and Mulatto, who last worked together under Supreme Regime prior to Hurt Everybody will be stepping into new waters. It looks to be a year of change for the Hurt crew, we can’t say we’re very happy to hear the news but we’re sure there’s plenty of music in everyone’s futures. Most immediately, Potion[s].

We’ll keep you posted as more info becomes available, for now there are just the tweets below.

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