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The news doesn’t stop in Chicago and as the machine keeps moving, the city has once again made plans to cut a large check for police officer malfeasance, a local rapper is behind bars after a traffic stop and the city just keep building higher and higher. All that and more below.

$20 Million Settlement in CPD Off-Duty Drunken Driving Death

For all the budget shortfalls that the City of Chicago often complains of, it pales in comparison to the amount of money flushed down the toilet by the city’s police force that has made a habit of harming, maiming and often killing those it’s tasked to protect and serve while also paying for said offenses with our tax dollars. The latest instance of taxpayers bailing out the police comes after former officer Joseph Frugoli struck and killed two young men with his car while drunk and off-duty in 2009. He’s since been let go by the department, but Thursday a judge ruled that $10 million each would be awarded to the families of Andrew Cazares and Fausto Manzera. That decision came following revelations that CPD officials withheld important facts and documents of the case in an attempt to utilize the oft-mentioned ‘code of silence’ amongst officers. In 2016, taxpayers footed the bill of police misconduct to the tune of $662 million, last year Michael Laporta received $44.7 million. Chicago Public Schools are still fighting for funding.

G Herbo Arrested on Gun Possession

G Herbo has made a career out of telling real-life stories of growing up on the rougher edges of the city and Thursday night things hit a pause after a car he was riding in with two others was stopped and searched. Police allegedly recovered several guns and subsequently charged all three with aggravated unlawful use of a loaded weapon. Neither Herbo or his companions had licenses to carry and police were tipped off to “suspicious activity” in the area near west Roosevelt Road around 10:30 PM and were later apprehended by a tactical team. The three face bond hearing Friday.

7,000 More Apartments Expected In Next Two Years

The building boom is not ending anytime soon. Much has been made about the cranes dotting the city’s skyline over the last few years as the city has seen an influx of new real estate pop up across the Loop and beyond. While there has been a record number of new apartments and condos in the Windy City, it doesn’t seem to be enough for developers who seem hell-bent on slapping concrete and glass on every surface City Hall will let them get their hands on.

The Chicago Tribune this week took a look at upcoming plans for development around the city and estimated that Chicago could see the addition of another 7,000 apartments, most planned with the hope that Amazon eventually does decide to bring their coveted HQ2 here.


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