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Godamnit Spike, I thought we were done with this.

After months of constant bullshittery about how much good your satirical look at a problem that affects hundreds of thousands of people each year has done for the affected, after you tried to tear down one of the purveyors of goodness in this city, after you convinced everyone in NYC that we here in Chicago actually use the word ‘Chiraq,’ you’re still not done?

The geriatric formerly-great director took to criticizing his own critics and pointed to Chance The Rapper in particular in a talk yesterday at Northwestern. Look, sigh, I really didn’t want to talk about this anymore, there’s literally a whole series of pieces that you can find here accurately laying out my disappointment in this project, it’s rollout and it’s terrible PR campaign as it happened in real time. All that said though, we were glad to push this into the distant past and move forward proudly bumping King Louie’s “Fuck Spike Lee”. But no, dudeass had to come back around for more.

Look, Spike, let me tell you one thing: no one here cares about you. We don’t care about your opinion, we don’t care about your legacy, we don’t care about your presumptuous art. Most of us, unless invited for free did not and probably will not see your garbage film. The fact that you are flying a ‘Chiraq’ flag outside your Williamsburg offices is a double down on a terrible premise that you just couldn’t let go of.


Spike, no one has said this is a good movie, no one. The best response you’ve gotten is ‘not terrible’ and no one here in Chicago or anyone else is looking at you as any type of saint. Give the shit up, for real. You made a movie because you wanted to make money, cool, just say that then. No need to keep parading around like Donald Trump on the campaign trail to try and convince us of what we already know; that you tried to pimp the experience of modern-day Chicago to your own benefit.

And then get the hell out of here. Don’t come back and try to run Chance The Rapper, who has singlehandedly done more for the city’s youth in the last three years than any other citizen locally. Don’t joke about King Louie getting shot in the head, don’t try to tell us because Angela Bassett and Jennifer Hudson weren’t offended that no black women can have a problem with the movie. Honestly, get the fuck out of here Spike Lee.

I’m out of words, rip the movie for free HERE.


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