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A couple of weeks ago while walking through the West Loop, I noticed one of Fulton Market’s last meat markets being demolished. It was almost surely to clear room for another posh, glass-lined high-rise catering to the uber-rich that have overtaken the once working-class locale. The rusted beauty that always characterized Chicago to me and this particular demolition struck me enough to fire off a tweet about the rich ruining the spirit of the city. I soon found myself in a thoughtful back and forth with WGCI host/DJ and Humboldt Park native, DJ Moondawg. Sparking up a good conversation, we decided to link up and talk further about the changing landscape of Chicago’s neighborhoods. The show debuted on Mild Sauce Radio on Wednesday, Sept. 19 but you can listen in above and read up more on just how and where the city is evolving in the first part of our ‘Cranes In The Sky‘ series.

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