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Everyone’s “pivoting to video” and we’re here to get you all caught up on what’s been dropping form throughout the week. This time around we have a new one from Supa Bwe, a very striking illustration in the form of KC Ortiz’s new one and a fresh piece from none other than YP. Check those all out below and, as always, you can catch all the singles at Mild Sauce Radio.

Supa Bwe • “Thot Goddess”

It seems Supa is very much prepared to take his long-anticipated next step. With his I Hate Being Alive  project well-marinated with audiences, he’s been rolling out visuals to help underline his singles, like “Thot Goddess” which got a mannequin-filled video that also features Supa in a straight-jacket, because, well it’s Supa, the project’s called I Hate Being Alive, he’s got a theme building for sure.  Regardless of the storyline, the video is entertaining and creatively cut together to keep engaged the entire time. Watch this one below.

KC Ortiz • “Showtime”

Over the last couple of years, one production company out of Chicago has proven their worth over and over again. VAM Productions and their leader, Vince Martell, have been killing it on the video side and general productions from parties to shows. After making big headlines last year with Jamila Woods’ “Holy” they returned here with a vide for KC Ortiz that uses juxtaposition of found-footage against striking wide-screen shots of her dancing in a graffiti-laden church that is one of the more beautiful shots I’ve seen lately. Top to bottom this one has everything necessary to get a lot of plays and the bars hold up throughout.

YP • “Inside” (Ft. Valee)

YP, better known to some as Backwood Jones, doesn’t seem to be wasting any time making a statement in 2018. Always a dependable voice in the city that has had varying degrees of success over the years, YP seems to have reasserted himself and has been filing the internet with new work, including this well-timed collaboration alongside fellow Chicagoan and rising star Valee. The two team up for the single “Inside” which got a video around the top of the week. Check that one out here.

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