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For Chicago artist Towkio, nothing ever comes straight on. The Lane Tech product has made a career out of leaning his own way through sights and sonics and continues to push the bar ever forward with his latest release, WWW which he literally left the earth to drop.

By now you’ve most certainly heard and seen all the news regarding Towkio’s trip 100,000 feet up in a small capsule and balloon. For his part, he described the experience as personally intimate, a capstone to a journey of self-discovery and nuanced sound that took him beyond his wildest dreams. Towkio’s been talking about this one since before he dropped .Wav Theory in 2015 even then seemed to know this one would be the project to catapult him forever forward. After signing a one-project deal with none other than Rick Rubin soon after the last drop, he’s spent the last couple of years discovering the sounds you hear on the album which itself is a sensorial adventure that touches on the varying aspects that have made Towkio a name across the country and beyond. Vic Mensa, SZA, Njomza and Teddy Jackson make feature appearances at well-timed moments, but for the most part Towkio keeps the spotlight on himself as he uses this opportunity as a vehicle to reach heights not yet seen, or maybe that’s getting redundant. Anyway. Get into the album above and keep an ear out to Mild Sauce Radio to hear the songs streaming 24/7!

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