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If you’re not aware of Kaina Castillo at this point, then consider that ignorance short-lived. With the recent release of her full-step debut album, Next To The Sun hitting streaming services, the world is beginning to realize what those around Chicago have known for years: Kaina is a supremely unique talent.

To be sure, there’s been a growing contingent of locals and beyond who have been waiting on a full-length from the Chicago-born singer and this step forward was sensical and as on point as could be. Possessing a wide-ranging vocal understanding that, when played with aspects of her hispanic heritage create a unique and soul-defying realization that you won’t soon forget. Kaina is proof that hardwork pays off and this project is one that’s been anticipated for some time as Kaina played just about every local stage several times over.

The last four summers or so have seen Kaina working the local circuit on a neverending journey of opening sets and evolving healdining spots. This summer she hopped on the road with The O’My’s as they scoured the east coast, fulfilling a destiny with that band that began when she was it’s assistant manager. This fall though, will be a lot different. It was announced last week that she would be direct support for Sleater-Kinney’s upcoming tour.

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