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Chicago rapper KAMI’s profile might not be as nationally recognized as his childhood friends Chance The Rapper, Vic Mensa and Joey Purp just yet, but his artistic demeanor shows ambition and a personality to match that has vaulted him to the front of the line in 2018. To let his catalog tell it, even without the notoriety, the SaveMoney member is already making “Superstar Moves.” The track’s pounding bass and muddled synth heighten his flexing and bravado rhymes to the point that when he says he drips so much sauce he can levitate, it’s hard to discredit him.

KAMI’s latest output is enthralling and meant to motivate the listener to not only secure the bag but stunt while doing so. Apart from the heater that was his collaboration with Smoko Ono, one of the better records of 2017 was tucked in a surprise five-song EP released by the SaveMoney member this past summer. A quick follow-up to his debut album, Just Like The Movies, Superstar, which we chose as one of our favorites from last year, served as the vessel to introduce “Payload” to the world. An anthemic, high stakes single with heavy Atlanta influences and one of the best callbacks I’ve heard in a minute (“fuck 12, fuck ISIS”), the hit quality here is undeniable.

KAMI is aware of the potential and decided to give it the visual treatment it deserves. With star-studded cameo appearances (Chance, Vic Mensa, Joe Freshgoods) and the now-necessary VHS camera filter on hand ready to shoot on any location, KAMI and director Jake Osmun were able to replicate the vibrant energy of the record on film.

The best part is that “Payload” isn’t the only indication that KAMI is looking to keep things rolling in the new year. To kick things off, he also teamed up with Brian Fresco for “Reloaded Freestyle,” an incredible loosie that feels like going 100mphs down Lake Shore Drive with the windows down thanks to the lurching production provided by Ikaz Boi.

Just Like The Movies was a cinematic statement of KAMI’s musical range, but “Superstar Moves,” “Payload” and “Reloaded Freestyle” are more recent signs of the huge strides he’s ready to take on this year.

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