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By now it’s pretty much a forgone conclusion that we’ll be talking about Chicago songstress Ravyn Lenae for the foreseeable future, a point she reinforced this week as she offered up a striking new visual for her standout single, “Sticky”.

The song, off of her Midnight Moonlight EP is brought to life in a dreamy, glitter-infused wonderland that emphasizes the kind of euphoric, freeing nature of Lenae’s music to date. Draped in lo-fi 80s aesthetics and quick dance cuts, Lenae positions herself as a sort of new-age disco queen helping us to forget the problems of the world we find ourselves in today. Ravyn’s sure to have a breakout year in 2018 given the exponential trajectory of the last couple years and continued successes with each and every release. “Sticky” is just the latest. Get into it above and catch the single playing regularly on Mild Sauce Radio.

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