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This week was a busy one for music video releases, and per usual we’ve got a healthy lineup of the best of the best from around Chicagoland gathered here. It seems everyone and their mother dropped some sort of content, but per usual we have the best of the best rounded up for you all here below. Scroll down for new work from the likes of Saba, Cdot Honcho, Valee and more. As always, get it all on Mild Sauce Radio.

Saba • “Busy”

It’s been a second since we last heard from Westside native, Saba and apparently he’s had some stuff to do. On his latest release, the PIVOT Gang member sets out to let people know his day-to-day is, well, busy. That’s the sentiment of his latest single, appropriately titled “Busy” which got a super dope visual treatment from fellow hometown creative, Peter Campbell. The video is a sort of ethereal walk through another world-scape, effectively illustrating the thoughtfulness of the track itself through a sort of abstract that falls in line with many of the videos we’ve seen from Saba to date. Saba’s busy and that’s a good thing for all of us waiting patiently on the next full-length to come after his breakthrough, Bucket List Project. Both artist and director do they’re thing here, with a really interesting array of simple, yet effective  techniques that go far in storytelling. Check it out below and catch “Busy” on Mild Sauce Radio.

director • Peter Campbell

Valee • “Miami”

Valee has been hitting 2018 harder than just about anyone. The big news of his signing to G.O.O.D. Music last month only pushed the dial further forward and this week we got a fresh new video for his single “Miami” that features several local faces and directed by Hebru Brantley. It’s a sort of ethereal, abstracted journey that ultimately finds Valee waking up on the shores of Lake Michigan. Alongside the video was the announcement of his upcoming project, Good Job, You Found Me due out March 2 on Def Jam/G.O.O.D. Music. Check it out below.

Z Money • “Bitcoin”

Z Money is absolutely back, and he’ll take his payment in bitcoin, please. After a decent time away from his initial breakout in 2014, Z Money has been on a tear as of late with a regular stream of new work hitting the internet with increased frequency since the new year. On his latest, a video for the single “Bitcoin” we find him getting it in somewhere in a warehouse. It’s a quick one, but just enough to give listeners something to digest in the meantime.

The Boy Illinois • “100”

The Boy Illinois has been plying his trade around the city for some time. With a Lupe Fiasco cosign and a healthy body of work in his rearview, it feels like prime time for the kid to finally get through to larger audiences. As February moves along, it appears he’s on the same page as a reinvigorated Boy Illinois has dotted the blogs, websites and streams around town. On his latest video for “100s” he takes it up a notch, offering up some acting chops before giving us a more high-octane performance than we’re used to from him. Get into it below.

director • DGainz

Juice Wrld • “All Girls Are The Same”

Cole Bennett has turned from shooting visuals for names above him to christening to new names with his ideas over the course of the last few years and returned this week with a new one for Juice Wrld’s “All Girls Are All The Same”. The piece utilizes the back and forth of animated aesthetics and trips editing techniques that serve to accurately illustrate the song itself. The best thing a music video can do at the end of the day is give an easy image for listeners whenever the song comes on after seeing it, and this one is a continuance of Bennett’s ability to capture that mentality. Get into it below.

director • Cole Bennett

Cdot Honcho “Pray”

Cdot Honcho has been spreading his name far and wide in the first quarter of the year, positioning himself as one of the pre-eminent artists to emerge from the city this year, and kept the content coming this week with his WorldStar-sponsored video for “Pray”. Fast, upbeat and forever energized, Cdot doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Check it out below.

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