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Over the course of the last few weeks we’ve detailed the rise of local artist Jack Larsen, who announced at the top of the month that he would be signing on with local outfit, Closed Sessions and quickly followed it up with a talented an introspective video for his lead single, “Break“. This week, he takes a big leap forward with his CS debut release, a six-song EP by the name of Push-Ups.

To be sure, the project itself is a distinct departure for the independent record label, but one that makes sense regardless. This one is steeped in pop-leaning vocals with a smattering of production that touches on several genres without confining itself in any one box. Push Ups is a refreshing look at life from a kid who was raised in the suburbs like myself, and was able to find some truly compelling subject matter to create from. In all honesty, his music is unlike anything operating on the particular independent wave that he finds himself, and pairing with a label long known for its hip-hop aptitude should prove to only open further doors. More than anything, Larsen brings some much-needed attitude to this sonic structure. From his look to the videos, his is a throwback feel that seems steeped in 70s ads or lost on Lip from Shameless. A sort of easy to identify juxtaposition that only grows once you hear his music. The whole package is working here, and we can’t wait to see where these push ups take Jack. With this album, he’s set a wide array of paths to take moving forward, and we hope he explores all of them.

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