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Brother and sister Alex and Francis White have been on a journey for the last ten years. As we mentioned in our deep-dive with the duo that comprises White Mystery last year, an agreement made between them focused the next decade on music and creation, and they’ve stuck to it surprisingly well. Part of that pact was to release an album every year, typically on 4/20, with the goal of wrapping 10 total. Well, after dropping a box set of earlier work on the stoner holiday turned release date, the Whites are back again with the conclusion to their long adventure, the very impressive Hellion Blender.

Mission Accomplished. After 10 years and 1000+ shows, Miss Alex White & Francis Scott Key White are firing on all cylinders with the release of their newest LP, Hellion Blender. Firmly rooted in the garage/psych/punk/bubblegum esthetic that the band has cultivated over the past decade, Hellion Blender is a celebration of rock and roll in its purest most exuberant fashion.

The opening track “Boy Next Door” kicks off the album and sets the tone, channeling the urgency of Joan Jett & The Runaways colliding with the sassiness of The Donnas. The genre bending rollercoaster ride continues throughout all ten tracks of the new release. The song “Paint Yo’ Nails” slinks through meaty psych grooves that would be at home on albums from the likes of the 13th Floor Elevators to the Plastic Crime-wave Syndicate. Miss Alex White takes her commanding vocal presence, well established throughout a fierce decade touring & recording, on a tour-de-force from the optimistic, lively tracks like “Penny Saved” to the mysterious and brooding vibes of “Ghost Signs”.

Percussion & backbeat, as always, is deftly handled by the steady hand of Francis Scott Key White. In addition, Francis contributes his signature vocal styling on three tracks on this outing. Channeling a funky spoken-word flow reminiscent of classic MC 900ft. Jesus, Francis delivers the perfect counter-punch to Miss Alex’s ecstatic energy.

There aren’t many constants in life but White Mystery have proven to be the exception to the rule. Hellion Blender is the culmination of a decade long promise of dedication to craft, hard work, and a refusal to compromise in a musical landscape that is more fickle and transient than ever before.

Make sure to pick up the album on iTunes, Bandcamp and you can catch the tracks streaming on Mild Sauce Radio. Hit the video below to catch Miss Alex White on an early episode of my show, The Steve Breit Rock Discovery Show below and tune in every Saturday at 2 PM CST for more.

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