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Between the endless summer festivals, galleries, parties and everything in between, it’s been a lot going on. We apologize as always for letting some things fall through the cracks, but that’s the whole point of our regular “Catch Ups” and this time around we have some dope new work from all around Chicago. Included this time around is a cartoonish piece from Rich Robbins, Ty Money returns with yet another new video, Angel Katz re-emerges with some sunny vibes and Teklife supplies more sounds to footwork to. Check it all out below and catch all the singles on Mild Sauce Radio.

Rich Robbins • “Growing Pains”

Earlier this year, Young Chicago Authors and University of Wisconsin alumni Rich Robbins piqued y interest with a surprising and super talented project, Red Butterfly which we’ve had on the airwaves in the regular rotation. Since then, he’s gone about implementing the appropriate post-scaffolding to extend the legs of what as largely an opportunity to put his solo self forward. One of the standouts of the highly interpersonal collection was “Growing Pains” which got it’s visual representation last week.

Ty Money • “3X Felon”

To say that Chicago product Ty Money has had a tumultuous last couple of years would be an understatement, and he dives directly into the storyline that led him to this point on his latest single “3X Felon” that got a video just before the long weekend set in. Just like the city he was born and raised in, Ty knows perseverance and has proven himself able to get through the stickier situations. With all that in the rearview, why wouldn’t you want to enjoy it? In the music video for “3X Felon” Ty takes viewers through an honest-to-life tale he lived himself, while juxtaposing it with the flashy life he’s now realizing. Here’s to that continuing.

Angel Katz • “City Kittiez”

A few years ago I used to live in a house in Avondale with a few other friends. In that house we had two cats, one of which we assumed was a lady. After months of dealing with late night parties and studio sessions, it was time to to find “her” a new home. That home ended up being Angel Katz, who subsequently figured out our lady cat was in fact a male. I have no idea if that experience had any inspiration on her latest single, but we got a new video for the song “City Kittiez” which his over the long weekend. It’s a little different than we’ve seen from past singles like “Bitch Boo Boo” and definitely a bit more airy than before. It’s almost folky in nature and the video itself is a day in the life piece detailing what its like to be, well, a city kitty I suppose. Short and sweet and to the point, unlike this write up. Enjoy below.

DJ Taye Ft. Dj Lucky • “Smokeout”

Teklife has been making moves as of late. The longtime footwork DJ outfit first spearheaded by Spinn & the late DJ Rashad has found a renewed vigor in recent years with a talented crew of younger names coming up in a big way. The larger collective has done an excellent job rallying around and supporting one another and it’s manifested itself in consistent Red Bull collaborations, sets and parties all over town and a general, welcome new push towards the hometown footwork aesthetic. On this one, DJ Taye and Lucky join forces and blow big smoke for the video for “Smokeout”

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