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A little over a year ago or so we were introduced to SiSi Dior through longtime colleague Nasim Williams, who assured us of some new music on the way which we’d heard teased at several shows around the city in the time between. Just before summer hit, we got the first public glimpse at the pairing’s product with the release of Twilight Zone Side A which was an eye-opening introduction to one of the city’s more talented voices, finally brought to a digestible backing that put her vocal tendencies front and center. After an eventful few months that saw SiSi and Na$im crisscross the country playing shows in Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles and more, they have returned to cap a few months of consistent growth by teaming up with Mild Sauce for the premiere of their follow-up, Twilight Zone B Side.

We got the initial tease for this project last week, debuting the single “B2K”.  Honestly, this one picks up right where the last one left off. SiSi’s style is a consistent stream of consciousness that is underlined by her booth delivery which eschews writing, instead relying on her ability to feel the beat, and all that is present throughout here. Just before the last release, myself and DJ Just Jay had the opportunity to sit down with Na$im and Sisi for one of our first episodes of Mild Sauce Live, which you can check out below. To get the full story on Side B, make sure you tune in tonight to our Twitter, YouTube or right here at Mild Sauce to watch and listen to our interview with SiSi Dior and Na$im Williams at 8:30 PM CST.

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