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Over the course of the last four years or so, as Chicago has been repeatedly graced by a series of talented projects from all corners of the city, there was always one voice that those covering the music or close enough to it have been waiting on in spite of the associated talent. That man is the one and only LEGIT, who returns from a lengthy hiatus that manifested itself in this week’s release of his highly-anticipated Maudlin project.

Clocking in at 11 tracks, its a healthy offering from the man who I’m pretty sure I’ve bothered about this release a few dozen times in the interim. There’s no more wondering now, as he seems to, if anything, sharpened the skills that initially piqued my interest on his DJ Oreo-hosted Thief In The Night project. This one is a wholly Chicago affair, as he taps the likes of Dee Lilly, Saba and UG Vavy, but moreso is appropriately centered on him telling a story that he’s been carefully writing since his last release. In an age where artists and creatives feel the need to release their art at a fever pitch, often influenced directly by the internet, it’s actually refreshing to know that LEGIT has put everything he has into this, providing us with a perfectly thoughtful album to dig into on those long drives to your family’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. Congratulations to LEGIT on getting this one out, no we’re just waiting on the next one!

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