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Chicago is an amalgamation of the country at large. As the third-largest and most centrally-located amongst the major cities in the U.S., it has citizens from all walks of life representing a vast collage of backgrounds and experiences. Local rapper Scheme Navarro grew up in Chicago’s hispanic neighborhoods amongst a community that has grown to represent a third of the city’s population. With that much culture abounding in neighborhoods from the south to the north sides, a distinct identity has been forged, one which finds a voice on Scheme’s latest offering, the aptly-titled Modern Mexican Art.

Scheme, a veteran MC that has long pushed for mainstream attention to his Spanish-laden raps, truly finds a poignant voice on his latest record that may well be fueled by the precarious position of many throughout hispanic communities from coast to coast. In the days of Trump, when DACA is attacked daily and a wall is proposed at the border with armed troops to boot, Scheme is advocating for understanding while vehemently refusing to give even an inch. The nine-track offering is a largely solo affair, with the lone features coming from longtime collaborators GLC and DJ Scend with a smattering of production that includes Nascent, Panik, CameOne & others. At a time when the collective consciousness of America seems to be finally noticing the important role Hispanic Americans play in the present and future of the country, Scheme has put together a piece of work that strives to add a soundtrack to that ongoing effort while espousing knowledge to help move it forward. A truly Chicago project from one of it’s more thoughtful operators. Catch Modern Mexican Art streaming above and regularly on Mild Sauce Radio.

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