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Language provides us with a better understanding of socioeconomic and cultural conditions within communities. In Chicago’s case, its diverse and distinct linguistic features outline the historical isolation of Black Chicagoans and the regular discriminations directed towards them. Yet despite the city’s historical segregation, individuals raised in the insulated South and West sides have consistently managed to propel their vernacular into the nation’s world’s vocabulary through the arts and pop culture.

Nonetheless, in Amerikkka, this influential contribution is often met with contempt and indignity by the affluent class.

In “TMW,” MFnMelo takes on the thinly-veiled racist questioning of “tell me, why you talk like that? Why you walk like that?” and hits back with answers to more consequential matters.

Picking up where he left off with Melodramatics, the Pivot Gang member is back on his MeloMondays’ steez and brings us up to date on his life. No longer waiting for the “right” moment to emerge, Muthafuckin’ Melo (for those of us who enjoy cursing) is proactively eradicating the hate and securing the bag by focusing on his calling, which is delivering really good raps.

With the help of Flex Lennon, Jameson Brenner and Dae Dae on the production side, Melo attempts to reconcile life’s juxtapositions. One moment he’s relishing in a newfound amorous relationship, the next he is aching and repenting over the passing of his friend and collaborator John Walt. Even when he establishes the fact that this balancing act has helped him become mentally stronger, his sonorous voice lays bare his ongoing grapple with the emotional back-and-forth.

Reminiscent of the Prince of Pivot’s penchant for soft melodies and sticky choruses, the hook itself is an ode to Walt. Emphasized by the phrase “working like Walt,” the call-to-action has served as motivation and a reminder to those closest to him to continue his legacy by emulating his grind and love for the craft.

With that mission statement in mind, it’s easy for Melo to dismiss senile questions regarding his speech, stride, and swagger. He is now exclusively set on answering to those he lives for.

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